Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arcania -Fall of Setarrif

Ties up the loose ends of the main game's story and adds yet another chapter to the epic tale.After the demon that possessed King Robar 3 was exorcised , it made its way to Setarrif to find a new host. In the Setariff ,which is cut-off from the rest of the island ,chaos and anarchy spread rapidy.King Robar 3 is troubled by these facts and is afraid of losing the city and some of his companions, which are in Setarrif at the moment. The nameless hero therefore is sent by the King , travels to Setarrif and finds out the way to defeat the demon .But in his ways he sees lot of monsters, wolves ,possessed creatures like crocodile, emerald spider,revenant,flying harpies .Game is develped by SPELLBOUND ,JOWOOD.


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